A warm welcome here on my website

Hi! My name is Mélanie, I was born and raised in Brittany, France. 

I could already write a novel about my life, but long story short: 

I studied classical literature and entrepreneurship, from this you know that I am atypical.

I started my entrepreneurship adventure at 19 thanks to a luxury Danish chocolate, Oialla.

In 2019, at 21, I co-founded Tentationnel with Christophe Duhamel (the famous co-founder of Marmiton, THE number one recipe website since 1998) an online gourmet shop and BtoB warehouse with gastronomic import-export. But of course we haven’t imagined that a global virus would turn the world upside down, we decided to close this chapter full of learning and new skills in December 2021.

I’ve always felt that entrepreneurship is my way of emancipation and fulfillment, therefore, since 2022, I offer this possibility by helping, guiding and encouraging people creating the life they really want to live (personally and professionally).

Have you ever wondered that living the life you want in all the areas was a possibility?

In our societies, since school we are used to build our life around exterior decisions and schedules.

My proposition is actually a new paradigm, building your life from you – your needs, boundaries, desires, dreams. Then create around as many spaces you want and need (« me time », your business or job, couple, family, hobby etc.). That makes you be your own foundation, enables you to move from rigidity towards flexibility and naturally prevents from burnouts. For me it’s the only way of deep fulfillment and happiness.

It’s a space to reevaluate your life in all its aspects, to give a fresh perspective about the person your are now and let go and release what no longer makes sense for you AND take action.

Furthermore, integrity is I think the value I cherish the most. That brings to the responsibility for our own life and decisions and to have the clarity of mind that our ego can easily take the lead (the famous « I want more »). My focus is durability – what profoundly nourishes us from inside and building this wonderful feeling of « I am enough ».

I create a space for thinking and acting out of the box and embrace your OWN path.

By working together, we put your life as the priority.

Everything is possible and you can have it all!

How to take this path together ?

I work internationally, I had clients from Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Denmark… I love meeting bold people thinking out of the box all around the world.

I offer 1:1 sessions via Zoom

The cycle of 6 sessions of 1h30 + private access to my WhatsApp or Telegram to be with you when needed to share your doubts, reflexions, celebrations, questions, some news… (my clients and I love this special space) is 1590€ 

If needed, payment plans are possible

I only take few clients per month in order to have the best energy and presence for them, thank you for your understanding

If interested, please fill this form below and I will get back to you soon


Happy clients

My podcast

Since July 2022, I produce an episode every Friday for my podcast Permission entrepreneuriale that can be translated by Entrepreneurship permission.

From May 2023, every third Friday of each month I will produce an episode in English. I have created a special series for this occasion that I named [I choose my life now] where we talk about new ways of living, being bold, think and act out of the box. I want this podcast to be empowering and inspiring.

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